The Next Generation Arinc 600

Posted by Franco Minatel

Jan 13, 2017 11:41:31 AM


Next Generation Arinc 600

Arinc 60001_12_17.pngThe aircraft industry is looking at ways to reduce costs and weight.   By reducing weight it reduces the cost of fuel, so every little bit adds up to the total cost savings. The typical Arinc 600 connector with copper retention clips for crimp removable contacts and the machined contacts make up a significant amount of weight of the 600 series connector especially when there are 400 size 22 contacts in a size 2 Arinc.

Amphenol’s Next Gen Arinc 600 addresses both issues: weight and cost.   The size 22 stamped and formed contact reduces the amount of copper used which aids in weight reduction. There is additional cost savings by selectively plating the contacts. Gold is only applied to the areas required for conductivity which is the tip of the tines.   The tails are pre-tinned and can be offered in a RoHS compliant format.


The Wafer System

Wafer1_01_12_17.pngAmphenol Canada’s unique wafer system provides robustness both in strength and in environmentally capacity. The contacts are over-moulded in plastic providing a solid seal preventing any wicking of solder or flux into the connector interface region.   The contacts are grouped into clusters of five and when snapped together form a “wafer” row of ten contacts.  

 Each wafer is then loaded into a light weight Wafer2_01_12_17.pnginsert. The insert sub assembly is subsequently loaded into the connector shell and is secured by the retention plates.   An added advantage of this system is the reparability of the insert. In the eventuality that a single contact is damaged, an individual wafer of 5 contacts can be replaced without having to discard the entire block of 150 contacts.  

Wafer_Draw1_01_12_17.pngThe ten contact wafer design is the standard and can be configured for all arrangements with 10 row arrangements such as 150, 71W1, 59, and etc. Amphenol Canada’s system also provides the ability to create other insert arrangements such as the 120Q2 which has individual overmoulded stamped anWaferDraw2_01_12_17.pngd formed contacts to provide the centre row for the lower portion of the cavity

The insert can be provided for both front and rear release quadrax and other RF contacts.




The connector has passed all requirements of the Arinc 600 specification from humidity to shock and vibration and is on par with its machined contact counter part. The qualification report is available to customers on request.

This system has been patented under US9362638B2 and US9450322B2.